Modern Art and Science of Mobility

Modern Art and Science of Mobility


Human Kinetics Publishers






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Part I. Pain 01. Pain and Movement 02. Trigger Points 03. Self-Massage Should Massage Be Painful? The Iliotibial Band From Self-Massage to the Warm-Up 04. Combatting Pain The Basic Rules for a Reset Limiting the Exclusive Use of Self-Massage The Theoretical Need for an Analytical Approach The Scans Part II. Breathing 01. The Relationship Between Stress and Breathing 02. Comfort Zone and Stress Zone 03. The Muscular System and Breathing 04. Retraining the Diaphragm 05. Training the Respiratory System 06. Managing Your Day Part III. Movement 01. Muscle Chains The Myofascial Network The Agonist, Antagonist, Synergist, and Neutralizer Muscles Open and Closed Kinetic Chains Training Programs for Contraction Part IV. Mobility 01. Functional Training Muscle Fiber Type and Movement Exercise Series
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