Scientific Foundations and Practical Applications of Periodization

Scientific Foundations and Practical Applications of Periodization

Haff, G. Gregory

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Part I. Foundations of Training Theory
Chapter 1. The Training Process
Chapter 2. Energetics and Training
Chapter 3. Classification of Skills and Types of Training
Chapter 4. Understanding Training Loads

Part II. Fundamentals of Periodization
Chapter 5. Periodization Theory
Chapter 6. Multiyear and Annual Training Plans
Chapter 7. Mesocycle and Microcycle Training Plans
Chapter 8. Training Sessions and Days

Part III. Advanced Periodization Topics
Chapter 9. Fatigue, Recovery, and Periodization
Chapter 10. Periodization of Nutrition
Chapter 11. Integration of Monitoring Techniques Into Periodized Training Plans
Chapter 12. Periodization Strategies for Optimal Competition Performance

Part IV. Training Methods
Chapter 13. Strength, Power, and Hypertrophy Training
Chapter 14. High-Intensity Interval Training
Chapter 15. Speed and Agility Development
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Periodization; athlete monitoring; sport performance; programming; strength and conditioning; nutritional interventions; recovery methodologies; recovery strategies; optimize performance