Strength Training for Soccer

Strength Training for Soccer

Howard, Tim; Young, Megan; Guzman, Daniel; NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Foreword by Tim Howard
Introduction by Bob Bradley

Part I. Principles of Sport-Specific Resistance Training

Chapter 1. Importance of Resistance Training
Garga Caserta and William E. Amonette

Chapter 2. Analysis of the Sport and Sport Positions
Scott Piri

Chapter 3. Testing Protocols and Athlete Assessment
Ernie Rimer and Jo Clubb

Chapter 4. Sport-Specific Program Design Guidelines
Megan Young, Garga Caserta, and Matt Howley

Part II. Exercise Technique

Chapter 5. Total Body Exercise Technique
Scott Caulfield and Bryan Mann

Chapter 6. Lower Body Exercise Technique
Scott Caulfield and Bryan Mann

Chapter 7. Upper Body Exercise Technique
Ian Jeffreys

Chapter 8. Anatomical Core Exercise Technique
Cat Wade and Kevin Cronin

Part III. Program Design Guidelines and Sample Programs

Chapter 9. Off-Season Programming
Julia Eyre and Ivi Casagrande

Chapter 10. Preseason Programming
Daniel Guzman and Joey Harty

Chapter 11. In-Season Programming
Melissa Terry and Matt Howley

Chapter 12. Postseason Programming
Ryan Alexander
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