Sport Psychology Essentials

Sport Psychology Essentials

Cruickshank, Andrew; Collins, Dave

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Part I. Making Sport Psychology Work
Chapter 1. Blending Mental Training Into a Performance Program
Dave Collins and Andrew Cruickshank
Chapter 2. Case Conceptualization: Strategies for Assessing and Conceiving
Amanda Martindale
Chapter 3. Integrating Athlete- and Performance-Centered Approaches
Andreas Kuettel
Chapter 4. Putting Into Practice a Sound Philosophy of Sport Psychology
Artur Poczwardowski

Part II. Enhancing Athletes' Performance Mindset
Chapter 5. Motivation
David Shearer
Chapter 6. Confidence
Denis Hauw
Chapter 7. Imagery and Mental Practice
Geoff P. Lovell and John K. Parker
Chapter 8. Self-Regulation
Tynke Toering
Chapter 9. Concentration, Focus, and Attention
John Toner
Chapter 10. Reflection and Balance
Carlos Eduardo Goncalves and Humberto Moreira Carvalho

Part III. Enhancing Team Performance Potential
Chapter 11. Leadership
Andrew Cruickshank
Chapter 12. High-Performing Cultures
Geir Jordet and Rune Giske
Chapter 13. Shared Mental Models
Pam Richards and Dave Collins
Chapter 14. Macrostructures and Microsystems
Dave Collins

Part IV. Preparing Individuals and Teams for Optimal Performance
Chapter 15. Program Integration
Tom Willmott
Chapter 16. Motoric Considerations
Maurizio Bertollo and Antonio De Fano
Chapter 17. Talent Development
Aine MacNamara
Chapter 18. Practice and Transfer to Competition, Peaking, and Performing
Boris Blumenstein and Iris Orbach
Chapter 19. Staying Motivated: Countering Slumps, Injury, and Ill-Being
Andreas Stenling and Andreas Ivarsson

Epilogue. Getting Help: What to Look for and What to Expect in a Consultant
Andrew Cruickshank and David Collins
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Sport psychology; exercise psychology; mental training; performance; goal; consultant; practitioner; team psychology; coaching; athlete; visualization; motivation; confidence; team culture; talent development; slumps; leadership; motor training