Sports Injuries Guidebook

Sports Injuries Guidebook

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Chapter 1. Biomechanics of Function and Injury Adam Gotlin Chapter 2. Body Maintenance, Conditioning, Strengthening, and Injury Prevention Jeff Young Chapter 3. Injury Types, Assessment, and Management Matthew Gotlin and Laith Jazrawi Chapter 4. Concussions and Head Injuries Josh Krassen Chapter 5. Neck and Cervical Spine Injuries Richard Goldberg Chapter 6. Shoulder Injuries Edmund S. Evangelista Chapter 7. Arm and Elbow Injuries Andrew L. Sherman and Jesse N. Charnoff Chapter 8. Wrist and Hand Injuries Steven Beldner, Marcel A. Bas, and Daniel B. Polatsch Chapter 9. Chest and Abdominal Injuries David Perna Chapter 10. Back Injuries Joseph Lee Chapter 11. Hip Injuries Michael M. Weinik, Reed C. Williams, and Ilya Igolnikov Chapter 12. Thigh and Hamstring Injuries Lisa M. Bartoli Chapter 13. Knee Injuries Ron Noy Chapter 14. Lower-Leg and Ankle Injuries Christopher E Hubbard and William G. Hamilton Chapter 15. Foot and Toe Injuries Christopher E. Hubbard and William G. Hamilton Chapter 16. Complementary and Integrative Health and Sports Injuries Ann C. Cotter Chapter 17. Injection Therapy and Biologics Amir Mahajer and Julia Louisa Iafrate
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