Sociocultural Issues in Sport and Physical Activity

Sociocultural Issues in Sport and Physical Activity

Newman, Joshua I.; Pitter, Robert; Andrews, David L.

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Part I. Body Institutions: Foundations and Considerations

Chapter 1. Introduction
Robert Pitter, David L. Andrews, and Brandon Wallace
Defining Physical Culture
Physical Culture and the Sociological Imagination
The Importance of a Critical and Theoretical Approach
Case Study: Fitness and Society

Chapter 2. Politics of the Active Body
Andrew Grainger, Brandon Wallace, and David L. Andrews
Politics as Power
Antonio Gramsci and Hegemony
Hegemony, Sport, and the Active Body
Dominant, Residual, and Emergent Forms of Physical Culture

Chapter 3. Critical Pedagogy and the Active Body
Ryan King-White and Matthew Hawzen
The Focus of Physical Education
Critical Pedagogy
Understanding and Applying Critical Pedagogy
Critical Pedagogy in Kinesiology

Chapter 4. Medicine, Technology, and the Active Body
Katelyn Esmonde
Physical Activity and Epidemiology
Physical Technocultures
Sociocultural Issues and Possibilities for Technologies of Physical Culture

Chapter 5. The Corporeal Sport Economy
Adam Beissel, Chris McLeod, and David L. Andrews
The Economic Base and Sporting Superstructure
Sport and Capitalism
The Late Capitalist (Cultural) Economy
Sport and Late Capitalism
What Is a Corporeal Economy?
The Material and Social Relations of Late Capitalist Production
The Active Body as Instrument in Sport Production
The Active Body as Object of Sport Production

Part II. Body Stratification: Meanings and Social Identities

Chapter 6. Gender, Sex, and Physical Culture
Shannon Jette, David L. Andrews, and Robert Pitter
Social Construction of Gendered Identities
Performances of Exercise Culture
Performances of Sport Culture
Expanding the Range of Gender Identity Through Physical Culture

Chapter 7. Racialized Bodies and Black and Indigenous Physical Cultures
Brandon Wallace, Robert Pitter, and David L. Andrews
Disrupting the Myth of Race
Race or Ethnicity?
African Americans and Black Physical Culture
Native Americans and Indigenous Physical Cultures

Chapter 8. Social Class, Habitus, and Physical Culture
Robert Pitter, David L. Andrews, and Brandon Wallace
How Social Class Matters
Social Class Distribution of Physical Activity
Class Habitus, Hexis, and Embodied Lifestyle Cultures

Chapter 9. Disability, Sport, Activity, and Public Health
Mollie Greenberg and Stephanie J. Cork
What Is Disability? A Note on Language
Early History of Disability in Society
Current Models of Disability
Activism and Civil Rights Legislation
Confronting Health, Illness and Disability
Discrimination Against People With Disabilities
Adapted Physical Activity and Sport
The Special Olympics

Part III. Body Movements: Scales and Spaces

Chapter 10. Popular Culture and the Active Body
Michael D. Giardina and A. Lamont Williams
A Note About Popular Culture
The Active Body in Early Popular Culture
The Active Body in Contemporary Popular Culture

Chapter 11. Physical Activity and Community
Robert Pitter, Brandon Wallace, and David L. Andrews
Conceptualizing Community
Creating Community via Physical Culture
Community Development via Physical Activity

Chapter 12. The Active Body in Cities
Oliver J.C. Rick, Jacob J. Bustad, and Bryan C. Clift
The Rise of the Neoliberal City
Models of Urban Physical Activity Provision
Creative Sport and Recreation: Designing Physical Activity Attractions

Chapter 13. Globalization and Physical Activity
Joshua Newman, David L. Andrews, and Robert Pitter
Local and Global Movements
What Is Globalization?
Debates on Globalization
Global Physical Culture
Global Media Spectacles
The Globalization of Culture and Economy
Economic Globalization at Work
The Problem of Global Sporting Goods Production
Global Migration: People on the Move

Chapter 14. The Environment and the Active Body
Martin Barrett and Kyle S. Bunds
The Body as the Environment
The Body in the Environment
The Body for the Environment
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