Research Methods and Design in Sport Management

Research Methods and Design in Sport Management

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Part I. Introduction to Research in Sport Management Chapter 1. Research Concepts in Sport Management Research Defined Types of Research Research Traditions The Evolution of Sport Management Research Summary Chapter 2. Ethical Issues in Research Protection of Human Subjects Ethical Principles and Guidelines Institutional Review Board Informed Consent Scientific Dishonesty Summary Part II. The Research Process Chapter 3. Creation of Research Questions Problem Selection Literature Review Development of a Conceptual Framework Focusing of Research Questions Identification of Variables Clarification of Hypotheses Summary Chapter 4. Research Design Types of Research Design Sampling Determination of Sample Size Reliability Validity Summary Chapter 5. Data Collection and Analysis Nonresponse Bias Preparation of Data for Analysis Scales of Measurement Descriptive Statistics Inferential Statistics Statistical Design Drawing Conclusions Summary Chapter 6. Dissemination of Findings Academic Conference Presentation Academic Journal Selection Manuscript Structure Journal Publication Process Evaluation of Journal Articles Summary Part III. Research Design in Sport Management Chapter 7. Surveys Interviews Questionnaires Internet Surveys Questionnaire Development and Design Types of Error Summary Chapter 8. Interviews Interview Techniques Interview Process Data Analysis Summary Chapter 9. Observation Research Methodological Foundations Observation Site Observer Roles Autoethnography in Sport Management Online Observation in Sport Management Data Collection Field Notes Data Analysis Summary Chapter 10. Case Study Research Applied Research Advantages Defining Sport Management Case Study Research Research Versus Teaching Case Studies Design and Implementation Research Preparation Data Collection Data Analysis Case Study Report Summary Chapter 11. Historical Research Academic Perspective Practical Applications Research Prerequisites Topic Selection Source Material Data Analysis Historical Writing Summary Chapter 12. Legal Research Qualities of Legal Research Nature of the Law and Legal Research Legal Research Techniques Sources of Legal Information Design and Implementation Summary Part IV. Statistical Methods in Sport Management Chapter 13. Analyses of Structure Importance of Reliability and Validity Cronbach's Alpha Exploratory Factor Analysis and Principal Component Analysis Confirmatory Factor Analysis Summary Chapter 14. Relationships Between Variables Bivariate Correlation Simple Linear Regression Multiple Regression Path Analysis Summary Chapter 15. Significance of Group Differences T-Test One-Way ANOVA One-Way ANCOVA Factorial ANOVA Factorial ANCOVA One-Way MANOVA One-Way MANCOVA Factorial MANOVA Factorial MANCOVA Summary Chapter 16. Prediction of Group Membership Discriminant Analysis Logistic Regression Cluster Analysis Summary Part V. Emerging Methods and Trends in Sport Management Research Chapter 17. Social Network Analysis in Sport Background and History of Social Network Analysis Social Network Analysis in Sport Collecting Social Network Data Analyzing Social Network Data Strengths and Limitations of Social Network Analysis Future Directions for Social Network Analysis in Sport Summary Chapter 18. Sport Analytics Defining Sport Analytics and Its Process Analytical Techniques and Metrics in Sport Team and Player Performance Metrics Sport Business Metrics Sport Analytics Process Examples Summary
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