Nutrition for Sport, Fitness and Health

Nutrition for Sport, Fitness and Health

Kruskall, Laura; Thomas, D. Travis; Spano, Marie

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Nutrition for Sport, Exercise, and Health blends nutrition and exercise theory with practical applications to provide students and professionals with a comprehensive introduction to the field.
Part I: The Big Picture Chapter 1: Optimizing Health and Well-Being Throughout the Lifespan Chapter 2: Energy Metabolism Part II: Role of Energy-Yielding Macronutrients Chapter 3: Carbohydrate Chapter 4: Fat Chapter 5: Protein Part III: Role of Micronutrients, Water, and Nutritional Supplements Chapter 6: Vitamins Chapter 7: Minerals Chapter 8: Water and Electrolytes Chapter 9: Nutritional Supplements and Drugs Part IV: Application of Nutrition for Health and Fitness Chapter 10: Body Weight and Composition Chapter 11: Nutrition for Aerobic Endurance Chapter 12: Nutrition for Resistance Training Chapter 13: Changing Weight and Body Composition Chapter 14: Special Nutrition Concerns
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