Fitness for Life: Middle School-2nd Edition

Fitness for Life: Middle School-2nd Edition

Lambdin, Dolly; Corbin, Charles B.; Masurier, Guy Le

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Fitness for Life: Middle School, Second Edition, offers new material and resources, including a new interactive web textbook for students and online bundle for teachers. With this text you will be able to integrate fitness concepts into core curricula, engage students in using technology in their healthy lifestyle planning, and address all current
Unit I. Fitness and Activity for All Chapter 1. Introduction to Physical Activity and Fitness Lesson 1.1: Introduction to Physical Fitness Lesson 1.2: Introduction to Physical Activity Chapter Review Chapter 2. Learning Skills for Enjoying Physical Activity Lesson 2.1: Learning Motor Skills Lesson 2.2: The Importance of Practice Chapter Review Chapter 3. Moderate Physical Activity Lesson 3.1: Step 1 of the Physical Activity Pyramid Lesson 3.2 Benefits of Moderate Physical Activities Chapter Review Unit II. Vigorous Aerobics, Sports, Recreation, and Muscle Fitness Exercises Chapter 4. Vigorous Aerobics Lesson 4.1: Step 2 of the Physical Activity Pyramid Lesson 4.2: Benefits of Vigorous Aerobics Chapter Review Chapter 5. Vigorous Sports and Recreation Lesson 5.1: Step 3 of the Physical Activity Pyramid Lesson 5.2: Benefits of Vigorous Sports and Recreation Chapter Review Chapter 6. Muscle Fitness Exercises Lesson 6.1: Step 4 of the Physical Activity Pyramid Lesson 6.2: Benefits of Muscle Fitness Exercises Chapter Review Unit III. Flexibility, Body Composition, and Planning Chapter 7. Flexibility Exercises Lesson 7.1: Step 5 of the Physical Activity Pyramid Lesson 7.2: Benefits of Flexibility Chapter Review Chapter 8. Body Composition, Physical Activity, and Nutrition Lesson 8.1: Body Composition Lesson 8.2: Energy Balance: Physical Activity and Nutrition Chapter Review Chapter 9. Planning for Physical Activity Lesson 9.1: Personal Planning: Self-Assessing Fitness and Physical Activity Lesson 9.2: Personal Planning: Setting Goals, Putting It in Writing, and Reassessing Chapter Review
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