Dance Partnering Basics

Dance Partnering Basics

Practical Skills and Inclusive Pedagogy

Whited, Brandon

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Chapter 1. Introduction to Dance Partnering

Chapter 2. Time: Getting Started
Exercise 1: Grasp and Clasp
Exercise 2: Trust Building
Exercise 3: Active and Passive
Exercise 4: Weight Sharing
Exercise 5: Counterbalance
Exercise 6: Shelves and Ledges

Chapter 3. Weight: Digging Deeper
Exercise 7: Draping
Exercise 8: Airplanes
Exercise 9: Redirection and Leverage
Exercise 10: Under, Over, and Through
Exercise 11: Falling and Rocking
Exercise 12: Assisted Inversions

Chapter 4. Energy and Flow: Activating Creativity
Exercise 13: Hip Rides
Exercise 14: Promenade
Exercise 15: Traditional Lifts
Exercise 16: Initiation and Suggestion
Exercise17: Rolling Points
Exercise 18: Me Score

Chapter 5. Space: Fostering Community and Inclusive Pedagogy
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