Coach Education Essentials

Coach Education Essentials


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Part I. Establishing a Strong Educational Base to Coach Chapter 1. Frameworks for Coach Education and Development Kristen Dieffenbach The Intersection of Sport Culture and Coaching Coaching Education: Time for an Upgrade Future Directions Summary Chapter 2. Ethical and Philosophical Grounding of Coaches Melissa Thompson Ethics in Sport Coaching Approaches to Understanding Ethics Developing Ethics The Coaching Philosophy Summary Chapter 3. Holistic, Athlete-Centered Coaching Orientation Charles H. Wilson Jr. and Trey Burdette Coaching in the Real World Foundations of HACC Becoming a Holistic, Athlete-Centered Coach Create the Right Motivational Climate and Culture Challenges to Holistic, Athlete-Centered Coaching Conquest Coaching Summary Chapter 4. Athlete Development Process and Coaching Matt Robinson Athlete Development Athlete Development Defined Status of Athlete Development in the United States The Role of the Coach in the Developmental Stages The Role of the Coach in Athlete Development Coaching in an Athlete Development Model The Five-by-Four Coaching Model Summary Chapter 5. Coach Instruction for Effective Athlete Instruction Matthew A. Grant What Coaches Should Know What Coaches Should Do Summary Part II. Teaching Coaches to Excel Within Their Context Chapter 6. Educating Youth Sport Coaches: An Empirically Supported Training Program Frank L. Smoll and Ronald E. Smith Theoretical Model and Research Paradigm Measurement of Coaching Behaviors Coach Behaviors and Children's Evaluative Reactions Achievement Goal Theory and Coaching Translating Basic Research Findings Into a Coach Intervention Outcome Research Dissemination Summary Chapter 7. Coaching Club and Interscholastic Sports Daniel Gould and Jenny Nalepa Characteristics of Scholastic and Club Athletes Participation Effects or Outcomes Best Coaching Practice Challenges, Barriers, and Key Issues Implications for Guiding Practice Summary Chapter 8. College and High-Level Amateur Sports Cecile Reynaud High-Level Amateur Sports Collegiate Coaching Set the Vision and Strategy Shape the Environment Build Relationships Conduct Practices and Structure Competitions Read and React to the Field Learn and Reflect Summary Chapter 9. Coach Education of Professional- and Olympic-Level Coaches Cameron Kiosoglous Defining and Understanding the Context of Professional and Olympic Sports Understanding Deliberate Practice in the Context of High-Performance Coaching Defining Sport Coaching Success Excelling Within This Context Application in Practice Summary Chapter 10. Paralympic Sport Coaching Gordon A. Bloom History of Paralympic Sport Career Progression and Learning of Paralympic Coaches Paralympic Coach Leadership Summary Part III. Developing the Best Coaches Chapter 11. Current Models of Coach Education, Training, and Certification Sarah McQuade The United Kingdom South Africa New Zealand Canada Summary Chapter 12. International Coach Education and Development: A Case Study Sergio Lara-Bercial and John Bales The International Council for Coaching Excellence The International Sport Coaching Framework Examples of a Framework Approach to Coach Education and Development Implementation Challenges Summary Chapter 13. Professional Development Opportunities for Coaches Christine Nash A Professionalism Approach Transitions to Expertise Career Transitions in Coaching: The Importance of Context Summary Chapter 14. Career Guidance and Mentorships for Coaches Clayton R. Kuklick and Brian T. Gearity Types of Sport Participation Types of Knowledge Needed for Effective Coaching How Coaches Learn to Be Effective Career Development Summary Chapter 15. Long-Term Coach Development Process Penny Crisfield The Complexity of Coaching: The Changing Role of Coaches, Coaching, and Coach Development Developing Coaching Expertise How a Professional Learns: Opportunities for Improving the Current Approach Exploring New Models of Learning Within Sport Coach Education Coach Developers Summary Part IV. Evaluating the Impact of Coach Education Chapter 16. Reflection on Accreditation and Endorsement of Coach Education and Development Programs Lori A. Gano-Overway Accreditation: What It Is and Why It Is Important Insight Into Accreditation and Endorsements: What It Looks Like Now Coach Learning and Development: Issues and Concerns for Accreditation and Endorsement Programs Sport Coaching Standards and Competencies: Issues and Concerns for Accreditation and Endorsement Programs Future Considerations for Accreditation and Endorsement Schemes Summary Chapter 17. Standards for Coaching Effectiveness Wade Gilbert The Journey From Coaching Legend to Scientific Frameworks for Quality Coaching: Learning From the "Coach of the Century" Scientific Frameworks and Standards for Coaching Effectiveness Measuring Standards of Coaching Effectiveness Summary Chapter 18. Coach Behavior and Performance Analysis Stephen Harvey, Edward Cope, and Luke Jones Coaching Behavior A Rationale for Performance Analysis Practices in Coaching Summary Appendix A. The Role of the National Standards for Sport Coaches in Coach Learning Appendix B. Coaching Education Program Accreditation Requirements Appendix C. Bachelor Degree Coaching Education Program Guidelines
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