Choreography 4th Edition With Web Resource

Choreography 4th Edition With Web Resource

A Basic Approach Using Improvisation

Minton, Sandra Cerny

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Choreography has been thoroughly updated to help students develop their skills in each step of the choreographic experience, from finding an idea to staging the performance. The text comes with a new web resource that offers video clips and supplemental learning activities.
Chapter 1. Exploring and Improvising MovementThe Creative ProcessObservation and Feeling Response Preparing to CreateMovement Discovery InsightsSolving Improvisational ChallengesFinding the Right MusicExploring Your Movement Inspirations Choreography Challenge Chapter 2. Designing and Shaping the DanceManipulating MovementArranging Movement for Effective CommunicationCreating a Total PictureChoreographic Ideas From Postmodern DanceExtending Dance Making With Technology Choreography Challenge Chapter 3. Identifying Choreographic FormChoreographic Form and DevelopmentDance Genres or StylesSubject Matter of Dance Performer-Audience ConnectionFinishing TouchesDeveloping as a Choreographer Choreography Challenge Chapter 4. Staging the PerformancePlanning and OrganizationTechnical ConsiderationsInformal Concerts Choreography Challenge
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