Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Children and Adolescents

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Children and Adolescents

Rowland, Thomas; North American Society For Pediatric Exercise Medicine; American College of Sports Medicine

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Children and Adolescents compiles the latest evidence-based research on exercise stress testing to provide guidance for those testing young patients.
Part I. Introduction Chapter 1. Clinical Applicability of the Pediatric Exercise Test Thomas Rowland Chapter 2. Conducting the Pediatric Exercise Test Amy Lynne Taylor Part II. Exercise Testing Methodology Chapter 3. Exercise Testing Protocols Richard J. Sabath III, David A. White, and Kelli M. Teson Chapter 4. Normal Cardiovascular Responses to Progressive Exercise Thomas Rowland Chapter 5. Exercise Electrocardiography Thomas Rowland Chapter 6. Blood Pressure Response to Dynamic Exercise Bruce Alpert and Ranjit Philip Chapter 7. Maximal Oxygen Uptake Ali M. McManus and Neil Armstrong Chapter 8. Other Measures of Aerobic Fitness Robert P. Garofano Chapter 9. Cardiac Output Measurement Techniques Darren E.R. Warburton and Shannon S.D. Bredin Chapter 10. Assessing Myocardial Function Thomas Rowland Chapter 11. Pulmonary Function Patricia A. Nixon Part III. Exertion-Based Applications Chapter 12. Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease Michael G. McBride and Stephen M. Paridon Chapter 13. Exercise-Induced Dyspnea Steven R. Boas Chapter 14. Chest Pain With Exercise Julie Brothers Chapter 15. Presyncope and Syncope With Exercise Julie Brothers Chapter 16. Exercise Fatigue Thomas Rowland Part IV. Testing Special Populations Chapter 17. Pectus Excavatum Thomas Rowland Chapter 18. Obesity Laura Banks and Brian W. McCrindle Chapter 19. Intellectual Disability Bo Fernhall and Tracy Baynard Chapter 20. Neuromuscular Disease Olaf Verschuren, Janke de Groot, and Tim Takken
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