Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual 7th Edition

Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual 7th Edition

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Part I. Foundations of Fitness and Exercise Chapter 1. Physical Fitness Chapter 2. Exercise Anatomy Chapter 3. Exercise Physiology Chapter 4. Movement Analysis Chapter 5. Exercise Motivation and Behavior Part II. The Aquatic Environment Chapter 6. Physical Laws as Applied to the Aquatic Environment Chapter 7. Pool Environment and Design Part III. Instruction and Programming Chapter 8. Shallow-Water Exercise Chapter 9. Deep-Water Exercise Chapter 10. Aquatic Exercise Leadership Chapter 11. Aquatic Exercise Programming Chapter 12. Special Populations and Health Conditions Part IV. Safety, Scope of Practice, and Legal Chapter 13. Safety, Emergencies, Injuries, and Instructor Health Chapter 14. Basic Nutrition and Weight Management Chapter 15. Business Issues and Legal Considerations Appendix A. Shallow-Water Exercise Appendix B. Deep-Water Exercise Appendix C. Aquatic Fitness Equipment Appendix D. Answers to Chapter Review Questions Appendix E. Instructor Worksheets Appendix F. Sample Class Formats Glossary Index
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