Advanced Exercise Physiology

Advanced Exercise Physiology

Essential concepts and Applications

Kerrigan, Dennis; Ehrman, Jonathan K.; Keteyian, Steven J.

Human Kinetics Publishers






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Written by experts in the field, Advanced Exercise Physiology: Essential Concepts and Applications builds upon foundational topics and looks further into key physiological components to help advanced students gain a deeper level of understanding.
Chapter 1. Exercise Metabolism Chapter 2. Dynamics of Skeletal-Neuromuscular and Gastrointestinal Physiology Chapter 3. Cardiovascular System: Function and Control Chapter 4. Pulmonary Exercise Physiology Chapter 5. Immune and Endocrine System Chapter 6. Principles for Testing and Training for Aerobic Power Chapter 7. Principles for Testing and Training Anaerobic Strength, Power, and Range of Motion Chapter 8. Body Composition and Weight Management Chapter 9. Performance: Environmental Stressors, Genetics, Nutrition, and Ergogenic Aids Chapter 10. Physical Activity and Exercise for Health and Fitness Chapter 11. Emerging Concepts: Exercise Pharmacology and Exercise Genomics Appendix A. Calculations for Oxygen Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Production Appendix B. Efficiency and Energy Expenditure Appendix C. Metabolic Equivalent of Task Values of Common Activities Appendix D. Professionalization of the Exercise Professional Appendix E. Common Scientific Abbreviations and Units
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